Vacation! Now What?

Vacation! now what? Finally the well deserved vacation.

Vacation! Now What?
Vacation! Now What?
Vacation! Now What?

Vacation! What now? Finally, the well deserved vacation.


What's up? Are you going to travel? Like in the countryside, at the beach, or at home? There are those who prefer the good old sofa, a pajamas and popcorn to take the sets from the delay. This holiday culture in July is our thing here in Brazil, but not everyone is actually contemplating holidays in the middle of the year.


Some people also say that they do not need to, or that they cannot take vacations. Vacation? What is it? The Brazilian's schedule is getting so full that there is barely enough time to enjoy the good and well-deserved rest. It is proven that, who rests produces better, and has a healthier life.


So, what are you waiting for to schedule your next vacation? There's still time! There are several companies that assist in this pre-travel process, as well as hotel for pets, agencies and even language schools. Well, you do not go to another country without knowing absolutely anything of the local language right? And the kids!

But calm down! They seem to even have an extra battery! When you realize everything you planned for a whole month has run out in 24 hours. But do not worry; I'll list a series of interaction tips to fill the kids' diary while still enjoying an adult schedule.


But for this you need to take the time together, forget the emails and the wi-fi and connect with yourself and with those who are present body. Can you? Well, it is not only the lack of time that prevents planning, and it is not only adults who have too many activities on the agenda, children also have busy schedules and need to slow down and meet new cultures, food, languages, customs, etc.


How to plan a trip with low cost and maximum use? Often we dream big when we think of traveling, have the visa, passport, suitcases, clothes, weather, food, new people, stay, and airfare among many other things. But how is your financial planning for it to become real? Of course, everything involves investment and with leisure, there’s no difference. But you already work all year so it's fair to stop and enjoy your time.

And if you do not have enough money for this, know that short money can also take advantage of your time during the School Holidays. For those who have children and want to entertain them, you can take advantage of many attractions including the free ones offered by Museums, Malls, Parks and fairs around the City. fun activities to enjoy with the family.


Are you ready to take advantage?

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